​GateKeeper Technology is a certified JourneyApps Implementation Partner

When building apps with low-code/no-code one quickly runs into a complexity wall, where the development becomes unwieldy and slow.

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools are not a fit for highly custom business specific workflows.

Traditional development is often too slow and expensive.

That’s why we partnered with JourneyApps who created an entirely new breed of app development platform:
Ultra high-productivity, yet code-centric.

Client Solutions

From mid-sized firms to Fortune 500s, some of the world's top companies use the JourneyApps platform to digitally transform their core operations through powerful business apps, see their customers list (https://journeyapps.com/customers). These include industries such as industrial equipment, oil & gas, mining, energy, construction and high-tech manufacturing.

Western Cape Government

Traffic Law Enforcement

With the deployment of ASOD (Average Speed over Distance) camera’s, the conundrum was to get the detail from a camera sighting to the closest officer to attend to the vehicle sighting.

A comprehensive application was built that integrate the camera network to
the handheld devices. Once an officer stop a vehicle, he is able to do a detail
inspection of the vehicle against a set of standards.

Waitrose Foundation

Farm Assessment

Waitrose Foundation manages upliftment of farming communities that produce for the Waitrose supply chain.

The application allows regional monitors to do regular assessments on the farms in the Waitrose supply chain to ensure that the farms are progressively
enhancing the quality of working conditions on the farms.


UPM Load Inspection

Euroports had a need to ensure the trucks that were loading UPM Paper reels, were clean and had the necessary lashing material to ensure proper loading and lashing.

A multi language application was developed to do pre inspection therefore
ensuring that the trailer bed were clean prior to loading and a post inspection to
ensure that the paper reels were correctly loaded.

AMV Resources

Mining Process Application

AMV Resources is a mining and commodity trading company that
needed to manage the process from mining to dispatching of ore based on specified orders.

A strong role based application has been deployed where the business
controller can define the quality and quantity ore that was ordered by a specific customer. These orders generate truck lists for upliftment of the ore.

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